When it comes to educating a child, we are thoughtfully sensitive.

Believing in the philosophy of how well one is educated, rather than how much one is educated, the quality education at SDPS School aims to bring a holistic change in the lives of students by simulating curiosity, love of learning, team-spirit, moral values and intelligence through dynamic, insightful, sensitive and comprehensive teaching methodology.

What we do that others don't do?

  • Quality education at an affordable fee - We provide quality education, provided by the most dedicated and qualified teachers at the most affordable cost, so as to make education available to one and all, which is also our educational philosophy.
  • Best advisors and renowned experts from different parts of world of vivid fraternity as mentors to guide at every step of life for adequate nurturing and development of child.
  • Value education will inculcate qualities like sensitivity, harmony and understanding of society in every child thus making
    them aware of Indian Values.

And, what's exciting about us?

Our Curriculum

A curriculum designed by CBSE that not only provides course book teaching but emphasizes equally on
practical teaching for overall development of students.

Day Boarding Facility

Our school has day-boarding facility which is specially beneficial for working parents who want their children to utilize their time while their parents work. The day-boarding facility will reduce the burden of tuition and will include hobby classes, other interesting activities & sports.

Student Teacher Ratio

Our optimum strength in all classrooms at the final stages will be 35 (I and above) and 25 in Pre-primary stage.

Hobby Classes

Hobbies are an integral and inseparable part of the school curriculum in most of the reputed schools, as what children do outside the text book scenario not only take away monotony of a classroom but also bring out the latent skills of a child. To let children enjoy their hobbies, we provide:

  • Special Dance and Music classes
  • Art and Craft with clay modelling and pottery classes.
  • Photography
  • Sewing and embroidery classes
  • Cooking and hospitality classes
  • Gardening
  • Dramatics, role play, elocution, debates, declamation etc.
  • Martial art training for self-defense