Secretary Speaks

Dear Parents,

We are happy to extend our hands to hold yours in our endeavour to offer, one of the best options in quality education in Indore. We take pride in introducing a school with emphasis on developing the global outlook with adherence to Indian values.

As Nelson Mandela says ,’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Understanding this we commit ourselves to accomplish our vision to empower young souls through quality education.

In today’s world where there is explosion of information and a fast paced advancements in technology – at SDPS School, we equip our students with necessary skills to take advantage of the immense opportunities available and deal with the accompanying challenges with confidence.

True aim of education is self discovery. We facilitate the students the energized souls to discover their talents and interests through exposure to various subjects, hobbies, activities and games. And to provide them with the best of facilitators’, state –of-art infrastructure and the modern facilities to nurture their innate talents . So that finally, SDPSians emerge as citizens that are an asset to the nation, backed with understanding, sensitivity , will power and inquisitive attitude.

Let us all join hands and contribute our minds in building a wonderful future for our children. To that utopian future of perfection , we dedicate this school to the nation in general and to the people of Indore in particular.

We wish you and your children a brilliant future.

Vijaya Sojatia
SDPS Women's Welfare Society, Indore

Vijaya Sojatia